Worksheet – Math for small mathematicians – addition for numbers 1 to 5

This is Math worksheet – addition with numbers from 1 to 5. You can use it for education purposes. There is PDF and image version of this worksheet, choose whichever is more convenient for your purposes. Here is the link to download the PDF version:

Or you can just print the worksheet from here:

This one is to practice basic addition of numbers from one to five. The numbers are ordered in this one, I will publish another with the numbers in different places so it will be a bit more difficult to solve. Its nice little exercise. I am not sure when is this teached to kids in your country, in my own the kids learn this in first grade. Anyway math is important for kids and is useful skill in life. And many kids love solving simple math exercises like this one.
You can use this math worksheet freely for any good purposes.

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