Tracing numbers one and two

Tracing numbers – first part of my tracing numbers series. I start with larger numbers as my kid has special needs and writing small numbers and letters is very hard for him. Today we will practice writing and learning number one and I am adding here number two for the next week.
This is simple printable worksheet for educational purposes.

Tracing number one
Tracing 1 for print

And here is number two for the next week. I am not sure if this is appropriate for any other kids but here it is.

tracing number two
Tracing 2 for print

Tracing numbers and letters is one way to help my kid learn. Most of the time he enjoys tracing so I make more and more worksheets for him. At this very moment the whole room is full of used printable worksheets and he is bored and wants even more. I think that my work can help other kids and parents learn and have fun.

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