Handwriting skills – is it important to teach them to your kid?

Even though now everyone uses technology, handwriting is still important skill for kids to learn.
Writing by hand is part of the creative process and it helps people express their minds easily. People also need handwriting to do many task – fill documents and forms, writing messages and cards.

Learning handwriting is a complex process. It starts at young age as kids learn to hold a pencil and draw some shapes. Tracing images are good way to improve accuracy and skill.
Here are few ways to encourage your kid in experimenting with writing:

  • Offer many different writing tools – pencils, crayons, chalk
  • Create lots of activities that involve drawing
  • Encourage tracing different images
  • Play with the alphabet – make letters from play-dough or paper and play with them
  • Encourage your kid to trace letters
  • Make sand drawing tool for your kid(its a box full with sand and the kids use fingers to draw, you can use sugar instead of sand too)

Developing good handwriting skills is long and complicated process that took years to develop. Most of the time kids pick up skills by playing and doing fun activities with their peers. The parents rule usually involves encouraging, providing printables and playing different drawing games with their children.

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