Handwriting and kids

Many people think that handwriting skills are not important and with the new technologies kids don’t need them but experts in education have different opinion. Handwriting is very important skill – and it helps the creativity as people tend to easily write their ideas this way rather than on computer or tablet. Also people need handwriting skills in their daily life for a lot of things – writing notes, filling documents, even many of the jobs need them.

Kids learn to write by hand by combining language, memory, concentration and fine motor skills – handwriting is complex exercise for the brain and it can help its developed. The process of learning is slow and happens gradually – as little kids start by drawing random shapes, getting better at drawing, then tracing, writing simple strokes and then letters. Its not enough to know how to write letters to be able to write words.

All the kids learn handwriting at school in the first years of their education but its easier for some and more difficult to others. Many simple activities can help this process – tracing letters and shapes, recognizing letters, simple writing games for kids.

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