Graphomotor exercises – waves and shapes

Two graphomotor exercises – tracing waves and shapes. Graphomotor exercises are good for preschool kids and kids that are going to learn to write. Learning to trace different lines and shapes helps writing and pen holding skills, and also hand-eye coordination. I use them for my son with autism in hope to help him learn to write at some point. For him its a lot more efforts than the average kids but its worth it. Here is the first image with waves and scroll down for the next exercise.

Graphomotor exercise - tracing waves

And here is graphomotor exercise with basic shapes for tracing. Print and use for educational purposes.

Tracing waves and shapes exercises for printing. Two worksheets with graphomotor printables. They are made for my family and I’ve decided to publish them for other people to use. I am not claiming that they are helpful, but if you like them you can use them for learning.

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