Christmas Graphomotor Exercise 1

Christmas is getting near and now its time to engage kids with the promise of presents, snow and other fun stuff. Are you ready with your presents?

Here is simple graphomotor exercise for tracing very simple strokes and circles that I made for my 8 years old son with autism. Its appropriate for small kids or others like my son that have problems tracing. Its simple writing exercise for children that can help them learn to trace objects. Its preparation for learning writing skills.

As my son have autism sometimes I need to hold his hand to make him do his exercises. He likes them but he have no patience and its very hard to focus on his current work. I hope he will get better with time. He will need to know how to write. Enough talking about my problems, here is the workseet for anyone who will find this useful. It will be great if this help even one other person to learn and have fun.

Christmas Graphomotor Exercise 1
Writing exercise for kids

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