About ColoringTime

ColoringTime.info is family friendly site for kids coloring and learning. Here you will find all kind of printable materials that you can use freely.

As a parent of a kid with autism I need tons of learning materials. Most of the time I can’t find what I need, so I make my own images for printing. As a result I have tons of useful resources that can help other children learn or have fun. After some thinking I decided to make this site and organize all available resources so anyone can use them for their kids.

Coloring images is great way for learning – you can teach numbers and letters with images, shapes, professions and animals. Here you can find anything I made during the years and I will continue in creating more.

All images are appropriate and family friendly, mostly made by me or combined from CC0 resources in the internet. If you use this images in your own website please state the source.

This site is about education and learning and gradually I will add more topics and learning materials.